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Client website: Forbes Editorial Service - HTML

Forbes Editorial provide Proof Reading and related services.


After struggling with FrontPage, trying to build a site that I wanted to look and perform professionally, I approached Better Web Design for some help.

Bert was fantastic. He took my partly built FrontPage site, cleaned out all the superfluous code, added CSS, and made lots of other value-adding suggestions. The result -- a CSS-based site that I am really pleased with, and with lots of options that I hadn't thought of.

Bert gave me guidelines on what not to do in FrontPage so that I can now maintain the site myself, without filling it with unnecessarily clunky code.

He also gave me lots of (very patient) help with organising my hosting and setting up email accounts.

If you want some web work done, particularly for a small business, contact Better Web Design.

Alex Forbes, Principal
Forbes Editorial Services