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Choosing Domain Names

It is worth spending some time researching existing domain names and the businesses associated with them to avoid being associated with an inappropriate site.

You also do not want to choose a name similar to a site with a large marketing budget that might take most of "your" traffic.

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Key Points for Domain Names

  • Australian businesses should generally choose a domain name as their first choice
  • If possible also register the .com,, .net and .biz extensions for your domain

Protecting your domain with these 5 extensions will cost less than $135 per year.

Domain Names

If you are serious about your website, you will need a good domain name. A well chosen domain name can mean a real boost to your website traffic and will pay for itself over and over again - similarly, a poorly chosen one can make your website a no-go zone.

Choose your name(s) carefully

A good domain name conveys important information about your business, but is short enough that people can remember it. Generally you should avoid very short abbreviated domain names, unless your business or product is commonly known by that abbreviation.

You should aim to include one or more keywords in your domain name, and should generally avoid choosing hyphenated domain names (though there are exceptions).

You can also choose more than one domain name, even though you only have one website. Multiple domain names can protect your business from future competitors, can increase your chances of being found through search engines, and increase the chances of someone "guessing" your domain name.

Special purpose domain names

What many businesses overlook is that you can register a domain name that refers specifically to a product, brand name, wine label or other attribute of your business. You can then point this domain name to a specific page of your website dealing just with that item. This can dramatically increase your search engine ranking and give your business an enormous boost.