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Free or paid listings?

Some directories and search engines have stopped offering cheap or free listings and now only offer "pay-per-click" and "sponsored" advertising, or charge an annual fee.

Google and the Open Directory Project (ODP) are some that still offer free listings. Getting your site into these is however not guaranteed and it can take months and several attempts to get the site listed.

We can generally assist in this process. For more information please contact us.

Search Engines & Directories

Preparing a site for listings, monitoring its progress and tweaking the content to get the best results can be very difficult and time-consuming.

There are tools that can help prepare a site for listing in search engines. Some are better than others.

We like WebCEO, but there are many other tools on the market.

If you prefer to pay for the service, we can arrange a report on your site and can quote on making changes to improve your listing in search engines.

Search Engines & Promotion

What good is a website without visitors?

There are many things you can do to get your website promoted, both in search engines and directories and via conventional advertising.

Note that no one can guarantee top ranking in search engines - although some will claim they can. We build websites in a structured way that can be very helpful in getting those listings. If you require an optimisation service for an existing site, we can provide that service too.

Conventional advertising

If you are advertising your business by conventional means (such as business cards, brochures, newspapers, magazines and perhaps radio/TV), we suggest you add your website address.

You may be able to reduce the size and cost of your ads by referring to the website for details, rather than providing all the details in your expensive conventional advertising.

Of course, word-of-mouth and links from other sites are also very good tools to gain exposure!

Bulk Email Campaigns

It may be tempting to sign up with a company that promises to send emails to thousands if not millions of "qualified" email addresses.

While these campaigns may sometimes result in a few sales, many such "services" use illegal or questionable means to gather email addresses and send the emails.

We will never provide or use such "services".