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Our Web Hosting Partner


WangNET Internet Services provide inexpensive reliable hosting with all the trimmings needed to run a professional site at a budget price. Their support is, in our experience, excellent.

There is no setup fee and prices start at just AU$99.00 for Australian-based website hosting.

Web Hosting

Once the website has been designed, it will need to be hosted on a web server, preferably with a domain name of your own. Web hosting can be on a server at your own premises or contracted out.

Hosting on your own server

If you have a high-speed internet connection, your internet provider allows you to run a server on it and you know how to configure and maintain a server, hosting in-house may sound like an attractive option.

Costs may however run into thousands, with hardware, software, technical support and paying for the incoming and outgoing internet traffic.

Contracting out

External web hosting is by far the simplest and usually cheapest option. It will aslo mean that your site is supported 24 hours a day. Unless you have access to a network engineer (or several), this is the recommended option.

We can publish your site with our hosting partner (see box on this page) or with any other host of your choice.