Better Web Design
Small Business Web Design, Australia

Web Design Methodology

We focus on developing websites that work. Websites that load quickly and are easy to navigate. Websites that will display in virtually any browser.

Wherever possible, we do this by using lean, standards-compliant code with XHTML and CSS. There are significant benefits to this approach:

Browsers with Style Sheet Support will display the same content, but formatted to look differently

Web Design Capabilities

What we do provide:

  • HTML and XHTML Websites
  • Style Sheets and JavaScript
  • Scanning Photos/Graphics
  • PDF Conversion
  • PHP Scripting
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Web Hosting

What we generally do not provide:

  • Flash and Java applets
  • Graphics-intensive sites
  • Audio and Video
  • ASP scripting
  • Websites that use Frames

Flash, Java, Audio and Video

While some older browsers have difficulty with CSS based websites, even the most modern browsers will have trouble with Flash, Java, Audio and video unless they have the necessary extensions (plug-ins) installed. Sites based around these technologies, without an alternative, are inaccessible to many.

We occasionally include some of it in an otherwise fast loading site, for embellishment. If however you want a website that is based around, or relies on these technologies, we recommend you look for a website design company that specializes in them.

Browser Support

If you are using a very old browser, our site (and many others that are designed according to standards) should be fully functional, but look rather plain.

If you want a better online experience, you might consider upgrading to something like the latest version of Mozilla (including Firefox) or Google Chrome.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (for PC) should also display the site as intended, although it has some problems with standards compliance and has lots of security issues. Internet Explorer 7 also has many issues and cannot be recommended. Internet Explorer 8 is better (this is the last version available on Windows XP) but version 11 is the most recommended version of Internet Explorer